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March 19, 2018

I spoke not so long ago about my new found love of podcasts. I think they’re one of the best things ever invented. I listen to them at the gym, on the train, whist eating my breakfast, whilst having a shower, before I go to sleep. I truly listen to them all the time & i’ve had a few people message me for recommendations so I thought i’d give you a list & run down of all the podcasts I listen too & thoroughly enjoy.

Is It Just Me? with Jo Elvin & James Williams

Originally it was Glamour’s Hey, it’s OK… I have been listening to this podcast from the very started & i’m sure i’ve listened to every single one! This is a podcast I feel is suitable for everyone no matter what your interests as the conversations on here are all so varied. Each week they invite a different celebrity guest to discuss life's dilemmas from social media to small talk to sex (yup)!

If you’re someone with a strong opinion, this one;s for you!


The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast

A podcast ran by hubby & wife Lauryn Evarts Bosstick and Michael Bosstick. I love this podcast for many reasons. I turn to this podcast for beauty & wellness tips as Lauryn herself knows so much about the beauty world & the experts she invites in are the best of the best. I also tune in for business tips to help with growing my blog. Their at the top when it comes to the blogging world & anyone who’s wanting to grow a business or a brand, this is the perfect podcast for you.


The Goal Digger Podcast

Girl bosses, listen up! If you’re not listening to this woman, you need too! Self made millionaire Jenna Kutcher hosts her podcast for all the creatives out there who are wanting to tackle their goals, & do all the dirty work to get there. Need motivation but don’t know where to get it from? Look no further.


Hashtag Authentic

I have learnt SO much about the world of social media through this podcast. Sara Tasker of ‘Me & Orla’ is there to guide you through the growth of your Instagram from her own previous experience & her now 300k+ followers. Every week whether it just be Sara or an interview with online creatives, learn the do’s & don’ts, how to manage the algorithm & how to find your online voice.


Glowing Up with Esther and Caroline

These. Girls. Give. Me. Life. The ultimate girly podcast. Want to know how to get that dewy look, how to glow from the inside out, what vitamins you should be taking to get that hair silky & those nails sparkly, subscribe now. I also love these girls because the podcasts are lengthy & I sit there feeling like i’m just having a little natter with my gal pals. P.S - they’re hilarious! 


Keeping It Candid

The ultimate millennial podcast. Two (incredible) bloggers Sophie Milner & Mille Cotton discuss everything from salaries to current events & leave no question unanswered. This is such a raw & honest podcast & something I believe we need more of. They’re not afraid to discuss topics that maybe a little bit ‘taboo’ & I find myself nodding along in agreement more than not.


Am I A Star?

This is a more recent addition to my podcast subscriptions. Alena Sable invites bloggers & influencers on & discuss all things blogging. What they do, how they’ve got there, the graft they’ve had to put in to get to where they are, what they charge per post & so much more. If you think the blogging industry looks ‘easy’ & ‘pretty,' have a listen here & think again.


Fit & Fearless

From the girls who brought you #GirlGains, Zanna, Tally & Vic talk all things fitness & body confidence. With each having their own personal experience through fitness & finding their own body confidence, listen in to learn how to feel good about yourself no matter what shape or size!


No matter who you are or what you do, this podcast is here to help you simply live a better & healthier life. Melissa Hemsley has a series of wonderful & insightful conversations with inspiring experts & authors to talk all things fitness, wellness, health, productivity, sleep & so much more. If you’re one to feel stressed & feel like there’s not enough time in a day to get everything done, tune in to hear the experts discuss life simple tricks & tips to make your life easier, better & healthier.


Talking Tastebuds with Venetia Faulkner

With the world slowly becoming more aware of what we’re putting into our bodies & wanting to lead healthier lifestyles, Venetia's podcasts couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. She chats to guests about all things food from what they had for breakfast, their death row dish, to their kitchen essentials. Discover just what you put into your body can effect your day to day life.


The Debrief Podcast

Ah, the Debrief Podcast. These girls (Stevie and Tessa) are here to help you navigate through your 20’s & simply help you ‘adult’. From how to keep your plants alive to saving money living in the city, these girls have you covered. I’ve found myself on a number of occasions bursting out with laughter at their quick wit & whatever ‘adult’ thing they’ve done that week. Struggling with the idea of getting older & not quite knowing how to tackle it, they’ve got ti covered!


So there you have it, the podcasts I religiously listen too, to get me through my day.


I hope you enjoy & if you have a favourite podcast, let me know in the comments below. Forever looking to grow my subscriptions!





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