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Online Coaching

I am a Level 2 Fitness Instructor and Level 3 Certified Personal Trainer.

If you find yourself arriving at the gym with no idea what to do, or you want to work out at home but have become fed up of doing the same HIIT workouts, or you simply just want to feel better within yourself, I am here to help you.

I will be your shoulder to cry on, your agony aunt, your Mr Motivator and friend.

I want to help you feel the best you've ever felt through not only your exercise and nutrition, but through your mindset too. 

What can I offer you?

Online Coaching

1-1 Personal Training sessions

Small group Personal Training sessions

Barre classes (private or groups)

Online Coaching

Rolling Monthly Memberships

- Training Plan


- Training and nutrition plan


- Online training and nutrition plan individualised to you and your goals.

- Tailored workout split to suit your lifestyle and schedule.

- Adapted to home workouts or the gym.

- Monthly updates to your programme depending on your goals.

- Bi-weekly 30 min check in’s with myself via Zoom/Facetime to monitor your progress, to make adjustments if needed, checking exercise form, pep talk and more.

- All content delivered via the Petite Collective PT App.

- 24/7 support via the Petite Collective PT App.

- Can cancel at any point. No tie-in’s.

- Access to the PCPT Facebook group.

One Time Training Programme

Whether it be a holiday you want to get ready for, or you just need a helping hand to get back on track and motivated, these one time plans are for you.

- 4 week training plan


- 4 week training and nutrition plan


- 8 week training plan


- 8 week training & nutrition plan

4 week plan

- Consultation and assessment of your goals

- Current diet & exercise habits

- Your current schedule

- Training experience 

- Bespoke training programme available within 24-48 hours

- Tailored calorie and macro plan or guidance of healthy eating

- 24/7 support via the Petite Collective PT App

- Access to the PCPT Facebook group


8 week plan

- Consultation and assessment of your goals.

- Current diet & exercise habits.

- Your current schedule.

- Training experience. 

- Bespoke training programme available within 48 - 72 hours.

- Tailored calorie and macro plan or guidance of healthy eating.

- Bi-weekly check ins.

- 24/7support via the Petite Collective PT App.

- Programme altered every 4 weeks to ensure progression.

- Access to PCPT Facebook group

Personal Training Sessions

I am currently Personal Training at SnapFitness in Dartford and we can work out a package that suits you best.

I offer 1-1 workouts via Zoom but can also travel to you, travel depending.

Small group PT sessions are also available if you and friends wanted to work out together.

Please enquire via the form below for availability and pricing.


If you are wanting something a little different, I can also offer 1 hour barre sessions via Zoom or at your home, travel depending.

These can be 1-1 or small groups. Packages can be discussed.

For pricing and availability, please fill out the form below and I will get back to you within 24-48 hours with more information.

I am so looking forward to working with you!

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